About Us

We are a Property Management company specialized in short-term rentals working throughout Italy.

Davide Gori


More than 8 years experience in real estate management, which brought me to the foundation of PMC in 2019.

Alessio Oliveri


After a career as a Business Developer which allowed me to gain experience in different fields, I founded PMC in 2019.

Renting out your property
is a great opportunity

Revenue optimization

Our team and specialized software constantly adapt the daily price of your property so as to maximize your revenue in specific occasions.

Zero time and energy

Our services cover everything involved in the rent of your property, therefore you will be able to completely about it and just wait for your income.

Secure early payment

Differently from a standard rental in which the landlord takes the risk of missing payment from the tenants, with us payments happen before the stay.


In a long term rental, landlords cannot make use of their own property until the end of the contract. We allow you to do it by reserving some periods for your own use.

We developed a comprehensive range of services that covers all the activities involved in short-term rentals.

We allow landlords to not take care of it personally and be assisted by a professional company in this industry.

Would you like to collaborate with us?

Whether you are a professional in the real estate industry or an individual interested in this field we offer great opportunities of partnership.

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